Hours of Distribution

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

10:00a.m. to dark

U-Pick Available 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. only

Sorry, u-pick is not available on cold, overcast days.

This Week’s Distribution

Butternut Squash
Black Radish
Green Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Sweet Potatoes
Purple Top Turnip
Winter Radish




Spinach and Tatsoi
1 Bag Total

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From the Farmer

Saturday, January 13, is the first day for the Deep Winter distribution. This season we have more shareholders than ever participating in a share that reflects what is possible on the darker side of the calendar. Yes, it’s about roots and other storage crops like squash and onions but, it also about greens. For this distribution, you ‘ll be able to pick a bag of greens from greenhouse located in the middle of the field.

This Deep Winter share has a lot of flexibility built into it. You can pick-up your share Saturday-Tuesday of the distribution week inside door #3 of the white, cold storage building. It’s a self-service distribution and you’ll able to take between 20-25 pounds of produce plus your u-pick greens. Some items we may have a limit on if necessary. Distribution occurs every other weekend, so mark your calendars now.

For all of you who are new to the deep winter part of the CSA these light weight blankets that you see below, are removed at 10:00a.m. daily and put back over the crop around 3:30p.m.. The heat that has been banked in the soil during the course of the day is trapped underneath the blanket during the night, keeping all those greens nice and snugly.

If the outside temperatures are consistently above 30 degrees we keep the cover off to give the plant the maximum amount of light and air circulation. For that reason distribution, will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.

When entering the greenhouse please slide the door…you may have to use a little muscle. When you are done picking please close the door behind you. You’ll all be able to fill a bag full spinach and tatsoi. There is a little arugula that can also be picked. The appropriate produce bags are just inside the door. Although there are knives and clippers for cutting, it’s always best to bring your own.


In the 22 years of farming here in Millis, we have never had such a prolonged cold/windy spell as we saw in late December and early January. When you enter the greenhouse to pick it’s doesn’t look as beautiful as it has in the past but, we still have plenty of spinach and tatsoi. The lettuce mix and red russian kale took a hit but, we are hoping to cut it back and see if we can get some regrowth for late February or early March.

Just In Case…..

Likewise, I realize that some of these vegetables are new to you and you don’t want to be looking at them every time you open your produce bin Many of you got a big kick out of a newsletter I wrote in 2016 about navigating the makeup counter at Nordstrom. I very slowly circled the store three times before I got up enough nerve to ask the clerk for help. It is not my world!, each time whispering to you “Cook me, cook me please. I know I’m not the prettiest but, please take me and make me special.”

So, here’s a few of them that may give you heart palpitations and they all happen to belong to the same family, the brassicas.  These are not only delicious, they are cancer-fighters so it might be a good idea to get friendly with them. Just like I have gotten really friendly with my daughter-in-law-to-be and believe it or not she’s a Makeup Artist! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect a makeup artist would be part of our family but, she’s perfect! How the world turns……….


Winter Radish





Purple Top Turnip



Enjoy your week and your vegetables! And of course make sure you sign-up for the 2018 CSA season. We are counting on you!

Your farmer,