Are you too tired after work to go anywhere to shop for food and then whip up a fast meal?  Don’t want to fight the grocery store crowd? We have the answer for you!  It’s our “Wellness in the Workplace” CSA!

TomatoesAfter running a very successful on farm CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) program for almost a decade, we are now partnering with local companies and small businesses to provide their employees the opportunity to get fresh, wholesome, locally grown fruits, vegetables, produce and value-added farm products delivered right to their workplace. More and more companies are realizing that wellness in the workplace is good business, due to the cost of insuring employees. A healthy employee is not only more productive, but is absent from work less due to illness.

Ask your HR Director or Wellness Coordinator to call Laura at the farm, (508-667-7638) and she will provide them with information about our “Wellness in the Workplace” CSA program.

Why should your workplace partner with Tangerini’s Farm?

Are you interested in starting or improving a workplace CSA program? Whether your workplace is a small business, large corporation, school or agency, Tangerini’s Farm can help you develop a workplace delivery that’s just the right fit!

A workplace CSA delivery offers: (Community Supported Agriculture)

  1. Convenience– No more fighting traffic or dealing with tired kids after a long day of work. Leave work with your veggies and save shopping and driving time.
  2. Camaraderie– Enjoy the fun of picking out your week’s veggies in the company of your colleagues! Swap veggies, share recipes, and experience CSA with your work friends. When you go on vacation, it’s easy to find a colleague to take your share, or we will be glad to donate it to a local charity.
  3. Community– It’s up to you, but each week we have pick-your-own opportunities at the farm that are included with your CSA membership. You can come and enjoy the farm and all it has to offer all season long.  You can also hold a workplace CSA potluck or take part in the workshops offered at the farm.

How does a “Wellness at the Workplace” delivery site work?

CropBox PhotoWe offer flexible options for large and small business that would like our workplace deliveries. All our distributions are market style so you can pick the vegetables you want to bring home every week. Email Linda at the farm ( to find out which option will work best in your situation. Whatever option you select, your employees will thank you and the crew at Tangerini’s Farm will also thank you for your support. The earlier you contact the farm to let us know of your interest, the sooner we can begin to reserve shares for your company.  The longer we have to get employees registered, the better.

Registration and payment is made online through the farm’s secured website.

Contact Linda at the farm for the options available to your workplace.

Email: Farm Stand Phone: (508) 376-5024