Can we share a share?

Of course…..We know that most of you are committed to sourcing your food locally but, getting a full share is too much for some people. So once you find a share partner, please sign-up on-line and include your share partners information including their email address. Having both email addresses ensures that you both get the CSA Newsletter every week. Payment for the CSA should be made by only one shareholder in order to eliminate confusion in the office.

Is Tangerini's Farm CSA organic?

At Tangerini Farms CSA, green manures and legume cover crops are planted to fix nitrogen, build soil organic matter, and prevent erosion. Seeds are organic when available, with inclusion of heirloom and open pollinated varieties. We control pests primarily through the use of crop rotations, biological insecticides, mechanical and hand weeding, and cultural practices such as the use of row covers and trap crops.  Please see our How We Grow page to learn more about our goals for achieving a sustainable system.

Does the farm offer any delivered shares?

We currently offer our Wellness in the Workplace shares, which are delivered to local businesses in Massachusetts. All other CSA shares are picked up by the shareholders at the farm in Millis.  We encourage you to share the responsibility of picking up with someone in your area.

Are there other local products available when I pick up my share?

Is there ever! We are constantly sourcing local products for our farm stand that is located right next to the CSA pick-up area. Look for local beef, pork and chicken, eggs, cheeses, butter, honey and fruits including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, apples, pears, currants and gooseberries. Our farm stand kitchen is cooking up delicious, farm-centric, seasonal offerings everyday.

How much produce is in a share?

Enough food should be in a share to feed a family of four, or two people who love to cook. You can expect between 12-40 lbs per week, depending on the week. Invariably, one or several crops each week will be in short supply, and will be “limited” in the share that week. Details are provided on the Share Information page, which shows the breakdown of produce per share.

When deciding what goes into a weekly distribution, we provide a variety of items in a reasonable quantity. We want to make sure you receive value in your share without overwhelming you. We have found that too much produce overwhelms shareholders and the produce ends up going to waste.  With seven years experience in running a CSA and talking to countless shareholders, we think we are pretty good at getting the distribution right for most shareholders.

If you know you are going to be needing more every week, you might want to sign-up for a Market Share and receive  10-15% off your purchase every time you come to the farm stand register. Market Shares are purchased in increments of $100.00

Should I expect all my produce to come from the CSA?

Remember, whatever is in season is what’s going to appear in your share. Many of our shareholders have learned to preserve some of their share by freezing, canning or drying. By doing so they have a wider variety of produce available to them when a particular vegetable is no longer in season. Many shareholder also purchase additional fruits and vegetables from the farm stand if they know they are going to need them. For many of them the Market Share allows them to save a little money while stocking up for the week.

What crops are grown?

In all, we grow close to 120 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Since each variety has it own season, all varieties will not be available every week, but you will have a fantastic selection most weeks. See our Share Information for more specifics.

Can I sign up online?

Yes, you can register for your share, and even make your payments through our website.  Clicking on our Join the CSA button will get you started.

Can I make my online payments in installments?

Yes, you are welcome to make online payments for the Main Season share in installments. Our CSA is a great value and we want to make membership affordable to as many people as possible. When you sign-up on-line for a Main Share, partial payment options are shown. All other shares must be paid in full at the time of purchase.