We love sharing knowledge through classes at the farm. Over the years we have meet so many people with similar interests that have been inspired by our classes. Most of our classes are hands-on, fostering confidence that you have the expertise to do it again on your own.

Our classes can provide groups with a fun experience while you get to know each other. We welcome Garden Clubs, Newcomers Clubs, Church Groups, Book Groups, Wedding Parties, etc.

Classes that we have offered in the past include:

  • Canning and Pickling
  • Homemade Salad Dressings
  • Pesto Making
  • Growing Organically
  • Window Box and Container Design
  • Moss Hanging Basket
  • Living Wreath Construction and Design
  • Perennial Garden Design
  • Landscaping Seminars
  • Vegetable Gardening Design
  • Wreath Making

If you would like to schedule a class for a group please contact us by email or phone and we will arrange a time for you. These are fun gatherings for Garden Clubs, Newcomers Clubs and church groups.  All our classes are held in the greenhouse so dress appropriately.  If you have a special talent and would like to share it with others, we are always looking for new ideas. Call or email us and we can chat about the possibility.