Laura Tangerini

Laura Tangerini
From the time she was 10 years old, growing up in the foothills of the Adirondacks, Laura knew a few thing about herself. She knew she wanted to work with her hands, she wanted to have her own business and besides the outdoors, food was her passion.

With degrees in nutrition and business, farming was the last career she was expecting. Serendipitous as it was, it meshed with her passions and she began farming in North Berwick, Maine in 1983 with her now husband Charlie. The early years were spent growing, harvesting and trucking hay throughout New England. The Maine winters were spent in harvesting timber off of their woodlot to be sold as firewood. As the years went on, vegetables, mostly sweet corn, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers became the dominant crops.

In 1989, she gave birth to two boys, Emilio and Charlie and continued growing the farm attending five Seacoast Growers farmers’ markets a week and managing an off-farm farm stand. She was also busy as a board member and officer of Seacoast Growers’ Association for many years.

In the early 90’s Laura had a chance to move her farming operation to Massachusetts. A 65-acre farm had become available in Millis through a bequest to the Trustees of the Reservation.  Her agricultural and marketing plans beat out 40 other bidders with her determination to make it a vibrant farm and a gathering place for the community.  She also became involved in her kids schools, co-chairing associations and running major fundraising events through out the years.

Over the years she has grown the farm to what it is today. Income comes from an on-site farm stand, greenhouse, commercial kitchen and ice cream shop, a 450 member CSA operating year-round, and agri-entertainment including lot of u-pick opportunities, concerts, birthday parties, summer camp for kids, field trips and classes.

In the future, she intends to be true to her original mission of making Tangerini’s Farm a vibrant and dynamic farm, with fabulous fresh food, wholesome fun that’s a gathering place for her community and their friends.

Charlie Tangerini

Charlie Tangerini
 The road of a first generation farmer is hardly ever predictable. In the monkey bars of life we often move from bar to bar, becoming more skillful along they way as we move both vertically and horizontally. Growing up just west of Boston, Charlie enjoyed the outdoors. As a young kid, he spent his days exploring the woods with his friends around his family home and fishing in brooks. Most summers were spent fishing the waters of Nantucket Sound with his father and friends.

Charlie came by his love for equipment naturally. His father and mother ran a crane rental and excavation business that supplied cranes throughout New England and Pennsylvania. When the jobs were local Charlie loved to spend time going with his Dad to the job site, learning how to operate and maintain all sorts of heavy equipment.

After receiving a degree in Architectural Engineering Charlie continued to work in the construction industry. In 1972, while working on a job in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Charlie purchased a 100 acre farm in North Berwick, Maine and little did he know his farming career was about to begin.

In 1981, his farm became the base for a small venture capital group that was developing a medium to facilitate artificial insemination in pigs. His role was that of general manager. During that time he was a member of the towns planning board for 10 years and its chairmen for 7 years.

Farming kept creeping into his life little by little. The first years were spent harvesting and selling baled hay. By the mid 80’s vegetables became part of the crop mix and Charlie spent his free time preparing and maintaining fields and of course fixing equipment. In 1986, he married Laura and in 1989 he became a father to two boys, Emilio and Charlie, Jr..

In 1992, Charlie found a three-line ad in the Country Journal, advertising the sale of a farm that was owned by the Trustees of the Reservation. With the kids ready to start school, Charlie was eager to move back to Massachusetts to be close to family and friends. In 1994, the Tangerini’s left Maine and moved to Millis, Massachusetts and started Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm.  All the while, Charlie spent his days and many of his weekends working on the “Big Dig”. Nights and weekends were spent renovating the farmhouse and outbuilding, overseeing construction projects, doing the tractor work and yes, all the while taking the boys to hockey and soccer practices and games. Charlie rarely missed an event even when the boys picked up a third sport in high school, lacrosse.

Finally in 2011, Charlie retired as an operating engineer from Local 4. He joined his wife Laura on the farm full time. He still continues to maintain all the equipment, fabricating some as he goes. Most often you see him on one of his John Deere tractor preforming the next task that needs to be done. Whatever it is you can bet he’s having fun.

Steve Chiarizio

Growing up in the small farming town of Hollis, NH Steve was surrounded by farming from an early age. In 1997, at the age of 14, he set off for his first job at Lull Farm in Hollis.  Over the course of his 11 year employment, he moved up the ranks from farm hand to farm manager. There he learned, on over 200 acres, how to grow, maintain and harvest a vast variety of vegetable and fruit crops.  During that time, he graduated from high school and attended Franklin Pierce University where he completed degree in Criminal Justice degree.

In 2010 Steve accepted a position at Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, MA as their farm manager.  While there, his knowledge and passion for farming grew, and he learned more about IPM, organic production and sustainable growing practices.  He also met and worked alongside his future wife Linda.

Steve and Linda’s desire to pursue an agricultural career, together, really came into bloom at Ward’s Berry Farm.  In 2015, a few months after the birth of their son Logan, they bought a house and moved close to Millis to start sharing their love of food and farming at Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm.

Linda Chiarizio

From an early age Linda loved growing vegetables with her Dad and cooking with her Mom.  Growing up around many family-owned farms fostered her love for farming and locally grown food.  Although Linda knew she loved to cook, she decided to pursue a degree in Psychology for college.  After graduation, when faced with the decision to go on for her masters, she decided to go to culinary school instead.

In 2010, now equipped with a BA in Psychology and having completed the certificate program at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, she accepted a job with the Red Sox. There she created fabulous meals using locally grown ingredients for the owners of Red Sox and their guests. In her spare time away from cooking, she worked part-time at Ward’s Berry Farm.

In the years that followed, Linda left the Red Sox and Ward’s for a full-time management position at Langwater Farm in Easton, Ma. There she expanded her knowledge of organic farming.  With the birth of her and Steve’s son Logan in the end of 2014, she accepted a position as a chef here at Tangerini’s Farm. She looks forward to bringing new and enticing culinary creations to the farm using the wonderful produce the farm has to offer.