Of the 75 vegetable and small fruit crops found at the farm, all but two are grown using natural methods.  We use sound growing principles that maintain the health of our business and care for the soil – the lifeblood of our farm.  It’s a big challenge, with many variables, and our hope is to improve the soil with each passing season.

We rotate cash crops and cover crops across our land, helping us to build organic matter and soil fertility while evading diseases and pests.  All of our vegetables, and some of our fruits, are started from seed in the greenhouse, in the fields or in one of many high tunnels. They are fertilized using leaf compost, dehydrated poultry manure and other natural occurring substances such as gypsum, rock phosphate, green sand, soybean, and feather meal. Constant field scouting for insects and diseases keeps us informed about what’s going on in the field and determines what if anything we need to do to bring in a healthy crop.

Crops are tended using manual and mechanical methods.  Our labor is comprised of local high school and college students as well as people interested in local agriculture. They are the ones responsible for the seeding, transplanting, tending, weeding, harvesting and washing your vegetables.

And NO GMO seeds are ever used on our farm.