267919_220109498033050_2136992_nWe owe the preservation of the 60+ acres here at Tangerini’s to the late Louis DeAngelis. Having farmed the land himself, he wanted to ensure that the property remained active farmland. In the 1980’s, Mr. DeAngelis was committed to protecting the future of his land and did so by signing an Agricultural Preservation Restriction and guaranteeing that his beloved property would continue to grow food for the surrounding community.

During that time, Laura & Charlie Tangerini won the bid with the Massachusetts Land Conservation Trust making them the new owners of the property and creating what is now Tangerini’s Farm. The Tangerini family spent 25 years cultivating and working the land and in 2015, Linda and Steve Chiarizio began working at the farm; Linda creating delectable new additions to the menu at the farm and Steve tirelessly caring for the crops.

In April of 2019, the Chiarizio’s proudly took over ownership of Tangerini’s and are committed to preserving Mr. DeAngelis’ land and the sense of community at Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm.