Until 1982, this land was owned by Louis DeAngelis. Committed to securing the future of his farm, Mr. DeAngelis protected it by signing an Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR), a legal document guaranteeing that the land would forever remain as active farmland.

Upon DeAngelis’ death in the mid 80’s, the farm was bequeathed to the Massachusetts Land Conservation Trust (MLCT), an affiliate of The Trustees of the Reservation.  MLCT fulfilled the wishes of Mr. DeAngelis to have a new farmer take over the property by evaluating proposals from all over the region.  Our community-centered vision for this property is what ultimately tipped the scale in our direction making us the new owners.


In the fall of 1994 our farming operation was moved from southern Maine to Millis and we slowly began to grow our farm. Over the years, we transformed the farm into a profitable farming operation that is both diverse and dynamic. Our produce is grown and distributed in an earth and human-friendly way. We have developed the necessary infrastructure to grow excellent quality produce. We created venues for people to come and enjoy the farm on a regular basis. And along the way, we have enjoyed so many customers that have embraced our community-centered vision for this farm.