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  This Week’s Distribution- December 15, 2017 Arugula Beets Butternut Squash Carrots Cabbage(Green) Cabbage(Red) Celery Root Kohlrabi Onions Parsnips Pop Corn Potatoes Purple Top Turnip Red Onions Shallots Sweet Potatoes U-Pick No U-Pick This Time   Distribution Hours Saturday 10:00 AM-1:00PM   After Hours Pick-Up- Cold Storage #3 Saturday 2:30-dark Sunday 8:00AM-dark Monday 8:00AM-dark     From the Farmer   My brain is whirling a little today! Charlie, Steve, Linda and I spent the last

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      This Week’s Distribution- December 2, 2017 Beets Bok Choy Butternut Squash Carrots Cabbage(Red and Green) Celery Root Chinese Cabbage Kale Leeks Lettuce Onions Parsnips Potatoes Shallots Sweet Potatoes U-Pick Spinach Turnips A few more possibly   Distribution Hours Saturday 10:00 AM-1:00PM   After Hours Pick-Up- Cold Storage #3 Saturday 2:30-dark Sunday 8:00AM-dark Monday 8:00AM-dark     From the Farmer For the last several year we have been involved with a Sustainable Finance

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Main Share CSA – October 16, 2017

It won’t be long before the kitchen downstairs is open and that’s when the real fun will begin. We’re excited about having that extra space so we can hire additional staff to keep the farm stand stocked with all your favorites. Instead of making soup in our 4 gallon stock pot, we’ll have a 30 gallon tilt skillet and we hopefully never run out of your favorite soup or chili again.

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Main Share CSA – October 9, 2017

A big ‘Thank you’ to all of you who have been so complimentary with the new farm stand! We absolutely love working in it. The kitchen downstairs is almost done, and it creates all sorts of possibilities for creating more prepared items for the farm stand, including dinners. We’ll also be able to expand our lunch and catering menu. We are especially excited about using the space for adult and kid cooking classes. It should be really fun!

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Main Share CSA – October 2, 2017

A big thanks to all the people at Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5 for producing a wonderful piece on farm stands. We are honored to be part of it! There are so many hard working farms throughout Massachusetts, each one offering a unique take on the farm stand.  If you haven’t already seen it, follow the links to watch it on the WCVB website (the original broadcast is split into a few pieces).

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Main Share CSA – September 24, 2017

Well we finally did it! We took advantage of the rainy weather last week and made the move into the new farm stand. We still have a number of displays to make and coolers to purchase but, it feels great! It is roomy, the light is great and the smell of the wood is heavenly.

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Main Share CSA – September 18, 2017

I hope you are all enjoying the CSA experience and all the wonderful produce that has come your way this season. This has been the best growing season I have seen in the 32 years I’ve been at it. Our produce is looking lovely each week, and we have had a bounty that is healthy and happy. We only have 6 more weeks of the Main Share but winter share will be starting shortly there-after on November 4. If you haven’t signed up please do so as soon as possible.

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Main Share CSA – September 11, 2017

If you follow us on Facebook, you will have seen our post on apples.  We currently have Honey Crisps, Macs, Macoun, Cortland, Ginger Gold and Galas for picking.  There is no admission to enter our fields.  Please purchase apple bags in the orchard.  One peck bags are $28.00 which will admit up to 4 people into the orchard and 2 peck bags are $38.00 and will admit up to 6 people.  As the season progresses, we will have Cameo, Mutzu, Jonagold and Fuji.

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Main Share CSA – September 3, 2017

Speaking of picking things, there are apple drops in the u-pick portion of your share this week.  This term refers to the apples that have fallen off the branches and are laying in the grass.  There are a lot of good apples to be found there, so head over to rows 1-5 in the orchard. You can use them for applesauce, pies, baked goods, salads – you name it!

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Main Share CSA – August 28 2017

The interviewer asked the question, “Why would someone come to Tangerini’s instead of the grocery store, when the grocery store is much more convenient?” It was easy to answer that after I had spent a week gorging myself on our cantaloupes and watermelon. My answer was straightforward and from the heart. “When was the last time you bought a cantaloupe from the grocery store and said, ‘that’s the best cantaloupe I ever ate?’ Never!!!”

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