The Farm CrewTangerini’s Farm began in 1995 and grows 40 acres of vegetables, small fruits, tree fruits, cut flowers and herbs that is marketed through our on-site farm stand, almost year-round CSA and farmers’ markets. Our plantings are small and successive so that we can supply a wide variety of crops to our different markets. Seventy-five crops in all, 73 which are grown using organic standards, all of which are grown using IPM.

All our vegetables and some of our fruits are started from seed either in our 27’ x 100’ propagation house, the field or one of our many high tunnels.
Crops are tended using manual and mechanical methods. Our labor is local and fabulous. Between the field, farm stand and kitchen we employ 30+ people. Our field workers are responsible for seeding, planting, harvesting, washing, packing and yes weeding.

We follow a complex crop rotation that helps build our soils, reduces disease and insect pressure and breaks up weed cycles. Whenever possible we rotate by crop family. We try never to grow the same crop in the same field two years in a row.
We utilize many season extending methods that allow us to grow year-round. These methods allow us to grow not just during the summer months but also in the deepest part of the winter.

In 2014, we added two commercial ovens, several freezers and a commercial mixer to our commercial kitchen so that we could add value to our great tasting produce. Right now we offer sandwiches, salads, soups, hummus, salsas, pickles, tea breads, cookies, crisps and donuts. Our menu changes regularly depending on what we are harvesting but always include our produce and other local cheeses, meats, fruits and eggs. We see endless possibilities for the use of our seasonal, organically grown produce. In the near future we plan to increase the size of the business to accommodate the growing demand for locally produced foods.

For all positions we are looking for people with an excellent work ethic. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and ready to work, learn and take direction. For our field positions, although agricultural work experience is a plus, it’s not necessary. We are looking for people who work hard (by our work standards), enjoy the company of their fellow workers, care about the product, take direction well, work quickly and efficiently, enjoys the outdoor, rain or shine and can understand the importance of working as a team player to accomplish each task. Besides being physically strong (being a able to lift 50lbs for field workers.), candidates also need to be mentally strong since many farming and kitchen work can be tedious. Candidates should be well organized with a good attitude and be ready to work as soon as their shift starts. Because we are open to the public 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, it is necessary that everyone on the crew be cordial and helpful to farm patrons who are supporting the farm.

It is not unusual for our young farm employees to stay with us for 6, 7, 8 years. Believe it or not, 75-80% of our work force returns from the previous year. We take special precautions to insure we have the right mix of people and for this reason all new employees will be on a two trial basic for the first two weeks.

Visit Us

139 Spring Street
Millis, Massachusetts 02054
Farm Stand: (508) 376-5024

We Are Open:

Farm Stand: 9:00 AM - Dusk
Ice Cream Shop: 11:00 AM -  Dusk
Kitchen: 11:00 AM -  4:00 PM

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